Smart Venture – smartworks’ Mantra to Help Startups Grow

Building a startup is no mean feat. It requires perseverance, patience, dedication and not to mention, a great place to work. While the government of India is trying to boost the startup culture by rolling out initiatives like Startup India, which betters the economy and creates more jobs, there are others like smartworks, that are taking a different, albeit an equally important step to help startups grow.

The Gurugram-based startup that provides serviced office spaces, which are flexible, customizable and future-ready, in seven cities across the country, has rolled out a plan that helps startups work from their premises without paying hefty rentals. Christened Smart Venture, the plan is conceptualized for startups that want the best of office environments and infrastructure, even during their infancy.

Founded by Neetish Sarda in the year 2015, smartworks has already made its mark in the competitive serviced office space arena, by having 10 business centres spread across Gurugram, New Delhi, Noida, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune. Their clientele includes some big names like Amazon, OLX, DHL, HDFC Realty, Johnson & Johnson, Lenovo, CES and more. Having a total of 450,000 square feet of top-of-the-line serviced office space at present, smartworks is aiming to close this financial year with at least 1.2 million square feet of available space.

The Smart Venture program rolled out by the organization intends to reduce the burden of rentals on startups that are yet to find their feet. The program can be availed in two forms – Phased Pricing and Subsidized Rental.

Phased Pricing – This is designed for startups that have just taken their first steps in the harsh business world. Under this program, startups can use serviced office spaces by smartworks at lower costs for six months. Post this incubation period, the company intends to increase the rental on a semi-annual basis.

Subsidized Rental – This is created for startups that are confident of raising money within six months. Under this program, smartworks will offer their serviced office space to such confident startups at subsidized rental for a period of six months. Once the startup has raised funds, smartworks will only then increase the rental.

To add to it, smartworks will also be helping its startup clients raise angel investment by facilitating investor interactions and meets. Every startup founder understands the importance of investor connects, which can make the mere difference between a skyrocketing business and one that never gets off the ground. Complimenting reduced rentals with an option to meet investors and raise funds will definitely make the deal lucrative for budding entrepreneurs.

Truly, not all businesses flourish in a no-frills basement office. You actually need good infrastructure and a great environment for your employees to give their 100 percent. This is where smartworks and their Smart Venture program steps in. The company is not just giving you a beautiful office to boast, they’re also making sure that you never lose focus on your bottom line while enjoying the perks. Six months is time good enough, especially in today’s fast moving business environment, where 180 days is what forward-thinking entrepreneurs need to make it big!


Rutavi Bhatia

Author at Coworking India Magazine. I love writing about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.