Inside Indian Startups’ Coolest Offices: Squad – AI Powered Enterprise SaaS Platform (Also known as Squadrun)

Do you remember when we took you into Uber Office in India and showed you around? Well, after an amazing response to that, we have decided to make it a series and take you into Indian Startup Ecosystem’s Coolest Offices and Work Cultures. In Under this series, we are taking you to Squad’s office. Squad (also known as Squadrun) is a Noida & Silicon Valley based  AI-powered enterprise SaaS platform that provides all of the tools an operations team needs to automate their business processes. Their platform helps the companies scale with unprecedented SLAs of speed, accuracy, flexibility, and cost.

Leaders in online commerce like Uber, Sephora, Tata Group, Flipkart, Rocket Internet, Teespring and other data-intensive businesses use Squad’s platform across their entire data cycle (examples: moderation/ quality control, deep data attribution, customer/ merchant onboarding, search relevance, algorithmic training, and so on). So, let’s peep into Squad’s open plan office, their work culture and all the cool things happening inside! 

Inside Squad’s (Previously known as Squadrun) Office

According to Kanika Jain, Co-founder at Squad (previously known as Squadrun) : “One of our core values is frugality and keeping that in mind that office has been consciously designed to have all the essentials without being unnecessarily opulent. Even the furniture is made from repurposed rubber wood crates!”

Check them out below.

squad office 2

squad office 1

squad office 3

Open Plan office

The total office area is around 4000 sq. ft and is largely divided into 2 sections. One section of the office boasts a big open-space with sit-to-stand desks. Everyone, including the leadership team, sits in the open space and there are no dedicated offices or cubicles. This also reinforces their entirely flat communication structure and a ‘No Titles’ policy.

The meeting rooms are aptly named after AI programs designed by Iron Man (JARVIS, PLATO, FRIDAY) since Squad (Squadrun) too combines the best of Man and Machine!

Silent Zones

Since an open seating plan can sometimes adversely affect productivity, one section of the office is a complete Silent Zone fitted out with soundproof rooms to ensure that engineers (and anyone else) have the relative solitude that they need to get in the zone.

Recreational zone

Recreational activities are just as important to fuel creativity and the office has a break room with a TT table and whole bunch of board games. More additions to this space are in the works including a library and reading section.

Cafeteria and Free Food

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all provided in-house and there’s a food squad dedicated to ensure that everyone’s preferences are accounted for and appetites are satiated!

Calling Booths

Sound proofed calling booths are available to help you concentrate and communicate in the office without disturbing the rest of the team.

Values and Culture

At Squad, we’re here to fulfill two major objectives: to provide business solutions using the power of technology and people and to deliver great work opportunities to people all over the world. If you love the excitement of working in a fast-paced environment and collaborating with diverse teams, you’ll fit right in.

– Kanika Jain, Co-Founder Squad


As Kanika puts it, the team at Squad (Squadrun) likes to set goals that are nearly impossible to achieve without consistently working outside of a comfort zone and displaying commitment, confidence and a whole bunch of creativity.

Continuous Improvement

The Squad team loves folks who are innately curious and life long learners. Every day, we strive to be better than yesterday!

Get Shit Done

We value people who ‘get shit done’ irrespective of the odds in front of them. We take initiative, act with urgency, and are accountable for results.

– Kanika Jain, Co-Founder Squad


‘Baniya’ means frugal in Hindi. The Squad team believes in having everything that is essential, nothing that is not. They strive for simplicity and efficiency in all aspects of the work and the product.

We are ‘Squad’

“It doesn’t take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle.”  – Norman Schwarzkopf

We have each other’s back and win or lose as team. No we are NOT a bunch of ‘Yes Men’. We value candour, share the credit and shoulder the responsibility.

– Kanika Jain, Co-Founder Squad

Do the right thing

“Do the right thing – follow the law, act honorably, and treat each other with respect.”- Alphabet

You can trust us to do the right things for our customers, our teammates and every stakeholder, always.

Work = Life

No one ever built one of the most valuable businesses in the World without the core team having to make a few sacrifices along the way. It could be lesser time spent with your family or friends or finding lesser time to watch as many TV shows! But that’s a call you need to make.

At Squad, we are solving one of the biggest problems in the World today and it won’t be easy. There’s no fun in easy. We’re attempting to disrupt a robust and established industry and everyday, our team embarks upon a new battle.

Fun Activities

‘I like, I wish, I wonder’

Every fortnight we do a fun activity called ‘I like, I wish, I wonder’. Inspired by the framework set in place by the Stanford Design school, we started this ritual of discussing the week gone by with open and honest feedback/suggestions from the entire team. We discuss the statements entered by the team before the meet. It’s an anonymous form with the only restriction being that each person must start his or her statement with “I like…”, “I wonder…” or “I wish…”.

Everyone writes down whatever they want to share, work related or otherwise anonymously. One member of the team then reads them out and the entire team engages in a healthy discussion on everything that is shared. We talk about the victories and defeats of the past week and over the months, we’ve actually gotten to know each other on a more personal level – heartbreaks, hookups and all other kinds of drama imaginable! As a team that spends so much time together, we make it a point to understand each other and maintain complete transparency in our work and this whole system of huddling together and talking about our ideas really helps achieve this.

CFO – Chief Fun Officer

Every few quarters a new team mate is appointed as the Chief Fun Officer who is entrusted with the responsibility of keeping the Squad happy. From organising fun events like TT tournaments to Squad outings, the key deliverable here is happiness.

With this post, we acquainted you with one of Indian Startup Ecosystem’s office and work culture. You can get in touch with Squad’s coolest team in Noida at You can also visit them at A 29, Sector 3 Noida.

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