Starttopia Coworking Bangalore | Pictures, Prices & Details

Starttopia Coworking Bangalore is one of the newest entries in the list of Coworking spaces in Bangalore. They came into the picture in 2016 with their first hub in Bangalore. With the presence of several coworking spaces in Bangalore, Starttopia aims to stand out owing to its spacious and vibrant infrastructure and facilities. We spoke to Anand Kannan from Starttopia and these are the excerpts from the conversation:

Founder & Founding Year of Starttopia Coworking Bangalore

Starttopia Hub International was opened on 25th June, 2016. The founder of this co-working space is Mr. Nitesh Gupta.

The Coworking Culture at Starttopia

Starttopia provides a colorful and vibrant atmosphere to its coworkers. They get ample space to do their work in a comfortable manner. A huge two-wheeler parking, classy ambience and the taste of the perfect culture is enjoyed by all the co-workers working at Starttopia. The seating arrangements are apt for teams and individuals both.

Types of Seating Spaces

Starttopia has 3 types of seating for Coworkers which are as follows:

  • Open Coworking Seats

starttopia coworking bangalore seating

  • Private Offices

starttopia coworking bangalore

  • Semi – Private Offices

starttopia coworking bangalore seating

Events & Activities

Starttopia Coworking Bangalore conducts several events on a regular basis. Technical, life survival, de stress, medical, education, soft launches of their product and much more; are some of the types of events they hold. Many recreational activities also take place here. Many of the events are also sports based.

Prices, Location and contact details

Starttopia offers several pricing plans to suit individual needs. The pricing plans are as follows:

  • Dedicated open co-work seat: Rs. 5000 per month plus taxes
  • Private Office seat: Rs. 8500 per month plus taxes

Location: Vinir Tower, No 6, BTM Layout, 100ft main road, Bangalore

Contact: Email:

Phone no: +91 9448342964

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