Things You should Check Before Joining a Coworking Space

The image is of The founders cafe coworking, Delhi

Every startup is always crunched with time. In the hustle of your startup, you sometimes forget to take care of little things before taking up a work space which you might have to regret later.

Here’s a checklist of things you should check before joining a coworking space:

  • The budget

Ofcourse this is the first thing you need to know before starting to work at a co working space. If you are beginning to work anywhere, be it a private office or a co working space, you would first check if it fits in your budget or not. Do not go for high end co working spaces that don’t fit into your budget because you will have to pay that cost each month. Try to negotiate on the cost and zero down on a cost that you won’t feel bad paying each month. As a rule of thumb, the infrastructure cost of a company should never exceed 10% of its revenue. In case of funded companies, it could be 10% of their total cash burn.

  • Proximity to the centre of the city and public transportation system

An office space should be accessible from your home but also from the residences of the people who work at your company. Also, different team members could use different modes of transport for the commute, so try to take a coworking space that is as close to the public transport system as possible. This will help you reduce commute time and cost for yourself and also for your team members. If the space is located within the main city and is well connected to other parts of the city, then it is more likely for your clients to visit and convert deals and is also a great for the performance of the sales team.

  • Safety factor of the space

Try to talk to existing co-workers and speak about the safety factor at the place. If there are many females/young people working at the space? Are there proper safety measures in and around the space? Till what time people usually work at the space and does it get too isolated during night hours?
If you have several team members working for you, the responsibility comes upon you to ensure everyone is safe. A good way of ensuring this would be visiting the space at night and checking out the area.

  • Cleanliness & Hygiene

This is the thing that almost everyone forgets to check and then find themselves trapped later. Definitely check the cleanliness and hygiene of the kitchen area/cafe area and the restrooms. It looks like a very small issue but might get big if things aren’t kept clean regularly. It might not make you feel good if you can’t have lunch at a clean place or are hesitant to use the washrooms because they stink. It’s always good to check the basics!

  • Who all work there and is the space too noisy?

It is important to know who all works from the space and are there too many tele callers working out there? If the open co working areas are majorly occupied by callers/sales/customer support people and you want to code, it might be a problem. Try to visit the space on a busy weekday and figure out how the noise level is like. If you think you won’t be able to manage, try to find a separate section in the space if it falls in your budget or look for another one.

  • Read the agreement & entry/exit clauses properly

Make sure to understand the entry & exit clauses of the agreement. If you have a lawyer, friend it’s a bonus. However co working service agreements shouldn’t generally be too complicated. Try to read the clauses and find out if there are no hidden charges. Understand the security deposit system/damage system/exit system etc properly before signing the co working service agreement.

We just shared some tips & tricks to consider before zeroing down on a co working space. If you want to look at which co working spaces you can consider, you can go through our post on Top 50 Coworkin spaces in India.

Rutavi Bhatia

Author at Coworking India Magazine. I love writing about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.