Things you Should Keep in mind while Starting your own Coworking Space

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Coworking spaces are becoming Startups’ best friends these days. The benefits of a coworking space are gaining huge popularity and are being widely accepted. Starting your own coworking space is not as easy as it sounds. There are several things that have to be kept in mind before you head out to start your own coworking space. Read some of the things that should be kept in mind below:

Location! Location! Location
Look for a space which is close to all public transport, situated at a good commercial location. Maybe you could find out a space that has not been occupied for a long time and try to crack an inexpensive deal with the landlord. People will prefer a space that is safe, centrally located and convenient in almost every term.

Opportunities for the Startups
It is also important to provide network, connections and opportunities to the startups in a coworking space. Check out the possibilities of informing the major investors, mentors about your coworking space and if they could occasionally visit the space to speak to the startups working there.

Design it the best
Make sure that you design your coworking space according to your customers needs and not as per your needs. The interiors should be designed perfectly, so that all the co-workers present there, should get a comfortable environment to work in. Get to know your customers as much as you can and it will help you work with more perfection on the design. Soon your coworking space will be the talk of the town.

Focus on the amenities your provide
The co-workers will be attracted more towards a place where they get various good-quality amenities. A high-speed internet connection, fully Air Conditioned, free pantry services are some basic facilities that your coworking space must provide. You can work upon this with the utility companies and strike a good deal. The main reason why startups come to coworking spaces is because they want to focus on their core business without worrying about the other amenities.

The pricing scheme
Well, it is very important to set an economical pricing scheme, which is fair for both the co-workers and for you as well. Take into consideration every single aspect while deciding the pricing structure and then decide anything. Do not just do what the other coworking spaces are doing. Analyse properly because it is one of the most crucial step while creating your own coworking space.

Have patience
Success does not come so easily. You need to work really hard and put in all that you have and you can. When you start your own coworking space, you will not attain success on the first day itself. Many people are new to this idea and will take time to adapt it. This should not affect your quality of work at all. Have patience for the initial time, and you will achieve success very soon.

The above mentioned are some of the major things that should be kept in mind while starting your own coworking space. There are many more things that one should think of before making final decisions. Starting your own coworking space is not something that can be done in one day. You need to pull your socks and work really hard to provide value to all the startups around! All the Best.

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Rutavi Bhatia

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