This Is How Coworking Spaces Celebrated Diwali 2017 in India

Diwali is considered to be one of the most prominent festivals of India. It is a festival of lights and is celebrated in the honour of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth with lighting up diyas in homes and temples. All coworking spaces have one aim in common, that is to help budding entrepreneurs to network and Diwali is the perfect time for doing the same. Coworking Spaces across India celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights, in unique and fun ways. Read further to know about the interesting ways in which they did it.


Starthub Nation, which is based in Chandigarh, is one such coworking space which celebrated Diwali by prompting the entrepreneurs and other startups working as coworkers in their coworking space to light up diyas and also to make beautiful and elegant rangolis themselves on their desks. Starthub Nation looked beautiful when lighted up with diyas and decorated with rangolis and positive vibes spread all over the place. The environment was filled with energy and lighting. By doing all this, Starthub Nation adopted the perfect way to celebrate Diwali with the coworkers.


GoodWorks CoWork offers many services. From Technology consulting to Design Inspirations to Marketing & HR, they do it all. This coworking space believes in making their coworkers happy and surprised them with special Diwali and also after-Diwali gifts to keep the festive cheer alive a bit longer. They clicked pictures, spent time together and had lots of fun!



Spring House Coworking’s motivation is that India is finally changing its gears and moving towards a season of start-ups. They believe that having your start-up among awesome entrepreneurs is an electrifying feeling. This Diwali, they made sure to create and elevate the bond between the coworkers and spreading happiness all around the place. They lighted up beautiful diyas and candles which lightened up the place. Also, they decorated the workspace with decent and pretty LED lights and candles. The coworkers placed the candles on their palms, clicked a picture and created a beautiful memory.


UnBoxed Coworking aims to form a hub of intellectual resources, creative ideas and networking. Their community comprises of emerging startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs. This Diwali, they organized an event which included Rangoli making competition and crafty workshops. Also, many games were played among the coworkers and lunch was provided to them. After that, to make the environment livelier, they made sure to arrange a dance party. To end the event in a beautiful fashion, movie screenings were conducted. UnBoxed  Coworking managed it all very well, and all they asked the coworkers was to come in traditional attires.



Technals Incubators is based in Hyderabad. They celebrated Diwali with a bash and why wouldn’t they? After all, it was their 1st anniversary, too. All the coworkers made beautiful rangolis and lighted up pretty, little diyas. They were also given surprise gifts. In addition to all this, they had fun bursting crackers and dancing. A Diwali pooja was also conducted at Technals Incubators.



Also, many coworking spaces offered discount on their services this Diwali. Work’n’Space, a Bangalore based coworking space offered 5% discount on bookings and One Co.Work provided discounts upto 16%.