United Insurance Plan Details & Why Everyone Should Insure Themselves

United Insurance or United India Insurance was founded in February 1938. The insurance arm is known for having such a wide portfolio of products for individual and corporate clients both. The cover provided by United Insurance is varied even to products including agriculture, floriculture and bio-gas. The growth of United India Insurance as a company has been unparalleled over the years. The company now employs 18300 people and is spread across 1340 offices all over the country.

There are several policy plans by United India Insurance that can be beneficial to the general public. The security and safety provided by United is unmatched because it also provides cover to huge entities including Mumbai International Airport Ltd., GMR, ONGC Ltd. etc. The insurance group has also played a huge role in taking insurance to rural areas. United is also known for taking forward the Universal Health Insurance Programme of Indian Government and the Vijaya Raji Janani Kalyan Yojna to villages and covering more than 45 lakh women under insurance.


United India Health Insurance

The product portfolio of United Insurance under the health sector is commendable. The plans are extremely robust and ensure financial safety and security of the family in case of any sudden emergencies, illness or health ailments. Several health insurance plans by United Insurance make for an adequate cover for anyone looking for the same.

United India Health Insurance – Family Medicare

The Family medicare policy covers the full family under a single sum. The family can be comprised of the insured, spouse and dependent children. The age of the proposer has to be between 18 to 80 years. This policy fits best to the people who want their whole family covered. It provides for a certain lumpsum amount which can be utilised for any illness/hospitalisation of any of the family members (with a max. cover amount for each member).

United India Health Insurance Policy – Gold

The Gold Health insurance Policy is suited for individuals who want to avail all benefits of the United health insurance. The policy premium amount can vary between Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh. This policy has more than 7000 hospitals covered where the insured can get cashless facilities. The policy also gives tax benefits to the insured under the 80G section.

United India Health Insurance Policy – Platinum

The platinum health insurance policy is suited for people who want added benefits of the insurance plans. The premium amount is between Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 10 lakh for the Platinum health insurance policy. It is a policy in which the insurer can be between 18 to 35 years of age only. The policy gives cover for hospitalisation, illnesses and certain day care procedures as well.

United India Health Insurance Policy – Individual Mediclaim Plan

Under this Individual mediclaim policy, the insurer gets cover for room expenses, surgeon/practitioner expenses, dialysis/radiotherapy/chemotherapy/cost of organs etc. It is a comprehensive policy that covers every aspect of medical cost for the insurer.

United India Health Insurance Policy – Senior Citizen

The senior citizen policy is of a high benefit because not many other companies offer policies to this age group with so many advantages. This policy is applicable for senior citizens between 61 and 80 years of age. The person will stay ensured beyond 80 years as well if the policy is renewed without break. The sum which can be ensured under this policy is between Rs. 1 – 3 lakhs.


United India Health Insurance Policy – Super Top Up  & Top Up Medicare

United Insurance has a Medicare Top Up facility for the people as well.  Under this scheme, it is possible to Top up the existing policy of the insurer. One can have a top up for hospital expenses and services such as ambulance charges.


UNI Criticare Health Plan

This policy is made for treatment expenses of critical diseases for which immediate attention is required. The waiting period has to be 90 days and survival period of 30 days after diagnosis. Insured sum could be between 1 lakh – 10 lakh.


Workmen Medicare Policy

Workmen policy can be opted by employers for their employees. The policy sum can be utilised for the accidental hospital expenses of employees during and in the course of employment with the firm.


United India Car Insurance Plans

United Insurance also has very robust and all suited car insurance plans. The policies are accepted and adapted by many insurers in the country. Here are the United Car Insurance plans:


Private Car Package Policy

It is a comprehensive car package policy which insures against any third party liability, accidental vehicle damage, personal insurance to the owner-driver and the occupants. The policy also covers against any natural and man made events.


Two Wheeler Package Policy

It is a comprehensive two wheeler policy which covers accidental damage, third party liability and personal accidental insurance.


United India Insurance Travel Insurance Plans

The United Insurance company has elaborate and comprehensive travel plans of different natures and principle amounts. Find below all Travel Insurance Plans by United Insurance:


OMP Employment and Studies Package

This policy covers expenses of medical treatment in the event of accident or diseases when the insurer is traveling abroad.


OMP Business and Holiday Package

The OMP Business and Holiday package covers the expenses of insurer in case of medical treatment required in the event of accident or disease while traveling abroad. It also covers loss of important papers like passport.


Suhana Safar Policy

The policy covers for any loss of baggage, valuables and personal accident of the insurer, spouse and dependent children. It is only valid for travel within India.


United Insurance Personal Accident Policies

The personal accident policies provided by United India Insurance make sure that you don’t have to fret and leak out all your savings in the event of any personal accident. Find the available plans below:


Road Safety Package Policy

This policy insures against any accident which is unforeseen. It has comprehensive cover of partial or total dismemberment or death.

Personal Accident Policy

This policy covers any individual against accidental medical expenses and fatal injuries as well. Individuals can avail the policy if they are between 5 to 70 years in age.


Here were some major United Insurance Policies which are available for the residents of India. Several other plans including Business plans, Industrial plans, Marine plans, Rural plans, housing plans etc are available which you can also check out on the United India Insurance website.



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