Latest 2017 – Upwork India Reviews from Experienced Freelancers & Employers

We have been writing about the different Freelancing platforms available for finding and allocating remote work. Earlier, we had written on several Upwork Alternatives that you can opt for and had also compared Outsourcely vs Upwork in our previous articles. After getting several requests from friends and readers to write about upwork reviews of people, finally got the chance to contribute time to this topic. We started researching among our friends and colleagues who have either hired through Upwork or have found work on Upwork. My team and I are putting Upwork against several parameters including Quality of Projects, Trustworthiness, Payments & Competition. We shall also include names and profiles of people who helped me with their feedback and reviews. Read below for Upwork India reviews from freelancers and employers point of view:

1. Quality of Projects – Upwork Reviews

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After combining the upwork reviews of all freelancers we communicated with, we conclude that the quality of projects is great but you need to have a well managed profile to get them. You can land high quality projects on Upwork if you have a good rating and a professionally managed profile.

This is what a Digital Marketing Professional from Dubai, UAE had to say: “I have been hired by very large companies & gov agencies. They do have a very steady flow of projects. Your reviews and score is what it keeps your moving.”

Your reviews and score is what it keeps your moving.


Harshita Srivastava, a Content and Editing professional from Delhi, India had the following views: “While a lot of them are challenging, some happen to have less connect. But there is no dearth of projects on Upwork. You can select which ones you want to apply to.”

I also spoke to Kandarp Bhatt, who has his own IT Firm Innopad Solutions LLP in India and works on many large scale projects from Upwork. This is what he had to say: “Quality of projects are very high. You can get projects from all over the world depending upon your industry and type of expertise. I have been maintaining a profile on Upwork since 2013. It was called Elance earlier, it acquired Odesk and eventually both of the websites combined to become Upwork.”

You can get projects from all over the world depending upon your industry and type of expertise.

–  Kandarp Bhatt, Co-founder, Innopad Solutions LLP

Verdict: Our opinion is that Freelancers find every kind of project on Upwork. They think that there is a variety of projects on Upwork. You can find very good quality of projects as well, you just need to maintain your freelancer profile well.



After speaking to some employers and who have hired through Upwork, we were able to conclude that there is a wide variety of Freelancers to hire on Upwork. The quality of freelancers present on the website is varied. You cannot generalise.

According to Jayanta Samaddar, Founder at Kollab Lifestyle, India’s only streetwear Fashion Brand: “There are all kinds of freelancers on Upwork. There are some who would not be able to complete the work, and there are ones who always do it on time. As an employer, be clear in communication with the freelancer. Try to know beforehand if the freelancer would be able to complete the job or not by asking comprehensive questions.” 

Try to know beforehand if the freelancer would be able to complete the job or not by asking comprehensive questions.

– Jayanta Samaddar, Founder Kollab Lifestyle


While talking to Gagandeep Singh Sapra, Co-Founder at Sproutbox Coworking in Gurgaon, this is what we found out:

“I outsource quite a bit of work to upwork – I really like the freelancers there.” 

– Gagandeep Singh Sapra, Co-Founder Sproutbox Coworking, Gurgaon

Verdict: Employers think that there is a variety of freelancers on Upwork. You just need to find the right ones by communicating your requirements well. Once you have got the right fit, outsourcing tasks on Upwork is a breeze.


2. Trustworthiness of Clients

upwork reviews by freelancer

The hardest part of outsourcing work to someone or working with a client who lives thousands of miles away is trust. You never know what you are getting into and whether you can trust the other person or not. We found out from Freelancers if Upwork and the professions, employers present on the website are trustworthy or not. Here are the opinions:

Harshita says: “I ensure that I work only with verified clients so that issues like payments and sending requests to Upwork may not come around.”

Working with verified clients is key.

–  Harshita Srivastava, Content and Editing Professional

Similarly, my digital marketer friend from Dubai has the opinion that “All payment are verified and reviews are double blind. My advice is to go with payment verified clients and people who have good reviews. Newcomer clients got a learning curve. Upwork also has an assisted sourcing program for large projects to the pro talent pool.”

My advice is to go with payment verified clients and people who have good reviews.

According to Kandarp, the payments and client communications are smooth with Upwork. You need to stay updated with the client. Most clients are trustworthy, just be careful with your payment terms and do not compromise on them.

Verdict: The platform of Upwork is safe enough for Freelancers. They suggest you work with Verified clients who preferably have good reviews before.”


3. Payments – For Freelancers & Employers Both


Freelancers find the payment process very smooth and seamless. As stated above, working with Verified Clients is key. According to a Digital Marketer, the payment policies of Upwork are fair & they do wire to India.The conversion rates are anyway ruled by the banks. The payment schedules are flexible. There is a hold time for earnings just so that there are no disputes.

Kandarp says “Payment processes are usually smooth except some cases. Some people might try to raise fake disputes and withhold your hard earned payments. It’s not guaranteed that any problems can not happen but if you report to Upwork they take action towards it. To safeguard yourself, you should work with upfront payments.”

It’s not guaranteed that any problems can not happen but if you report to Upwork they take action towards it.

–  Kandarp Bhatt, Co-Founder, Innopad Solutions LLP

Verdict: Freelancers find the payment process of Upwork smooth and reliable. In some cases when you come across some tricky clients, Upwork does intervene and help you solve the issues. The fees Upwork charges is 20% so price your services accordingly.


upwork reviews and tips

Most employers are of the opinion that Upwork’s payment policies are fair. As per Gagandeep, payments are held with Upwork till the project is delivered by the freelancer which is a great feature. The payment options are multiple and favourable for employers.

Gaurav Mishra, Founder of Viralcurry Digital Marketing says that the payment process and options are smooth but there might be some glitches when it comes to non performing freelancers. Some freelancers might try to take advantage of the Escrow and raise disputes.

Be clear in communications with the freelancers and inform Upwork in case of any performance failures at their end.

– Gaurav Mishra, Founder, Viralcurry Digital


Similarly, Jayanta says that it takes a while for the refund to get processed in case of non completion of projects, so be prepared to hold on for the refunds to reach your bank.

Verdict: Employers think that the payment process is smooth. They think that the Escrow is a great protection policy for Employers. However, it is important to stay safe from any disputes and delays in refunds. It is important to know your freelancer beforehand and request refunds timely.


4. Competition on the Platform for Freelancers

upwork reviews and tips for freelancers

Freelancers feel that the competition is tough on Upwork. All the freelancers I spoke to resonated on this one thought. Digital Marketers and Writers say that it is important for you to start small and build your reputation from there. Garima Juneja, Founder at Viralcurry, a digital marketing firm in Delhi, India says “I had started freelancing on Upwork (when it was odesk) in 2012. The competition was not as much as it is today. Even then, I had to start small, do a lot of work for cheap and even give some complementary services. I kept being a little too pushy for reviews from my clients and eventually within a year I was ready to ask for whatever price I wanted.”

Number of hours you have worked, your reviews and experience help you cut the competition

– Garima Juneja, Founder Viralcurry Digital

Another advice that most freelancers wish to give is that always write personalised messages when applying for a job. Harshita says “Many projects are more challenging than others. Always find the ones you can relate to and write personalised applications suited for the job instead of copy pasting applications to random jobs”

Always write personalised applications suited for the job posting.

– Harshita Srivastava, Content & Editing Professional


Verdict: There is good enough competition on Upwork. It being an old platform, quite everyone knows about Upwork. The key to marching ahead is by starting small, getting good reviews, building a professional profile and always sending out relevant personally typed out applications to jobs.


Conclusion – Upwork Reviews

After analysing Upwork as a platform for Freelancers & employers, we have come to the following conclusive upwork reviews:

  • Quality of Work/Freelancers : The quality of projects is varied – from beginner level to extremely high quality, even government projects. You need to maintain your profile and work efficiently to bag the big ones. Same goes for freelancers – there is no dearth of good freelancers on Upwork. Trust the reviews and gauge the genuineness by communicating with the freelancers.

  • Trustworthiness of Clients: The system of Upwork is transparent and robust. It works at its end to ensure that there is enough verification process. It is advisable for freelancers to work with Upwork Verified Clients only.

  • Payments: Both Freelancers and Employers think that the payment structure of Upwork is transparent and reliable. However, there might be cases when disputes arise. It is best to involve Upwork in those disputes and get them resolved. It is also important to know that it takes few days time for dispute resolutions and refunds to be processed.

  • Competition: The freelancers have the opinion that Upwork is very competitive. You need to stay ahead of the game by maintaining good reviews and building a professional profile. It is also advised to send personalised applications to jobs with relevant examples of your previous work rather than simply copy pasting applications to each job.

We hope that we were able to help you with some reliable Upwork Reviews from our community. Please share your feedback or any opinions in the comments. Feel free to suggest any thing by writing to Please DO NOT send advertising queries to the above ID, there is for the same.


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