What do People Look For while Searching a Coworking Space?

Startups in India have rapidly adopted the new way of working – Coworking Spaces. These spaces provide startups with an opportunity to get an access to all the required resources at a lesser cost. Along with the basics, Coworking Spaces also provide startups to leverage the value of community and co-building of things. They get to interact with other people with similar mindset and journey. Searching a coworking space might be a difficult task but not that much with this list in your hands.

So if you are a community manager, a coworking space owner or simply someone who works in this domain, you must be wondering what do people look for while looking for a coworking space? Keep reading below:


High Speed Internet is the foremost preference

We spoke to several coworking space owners and coworkers who work there. The first thing that any prospective coworkers look for is a good quality internet connection. Every startup wants to be well connected with the world through high speed internet because well, that’s what our businesses work on these days!


Accessibility of the space

People prefer coworking spaces located in accessible areas. The areas which are close to public transport, main roads, major highways and commercial areas. Every startup or freelancer needs to commute to the space every day thus everyone looks at convenience and ease of transport of the coworking space.


Existing Startups and Community

Most tech startups and digital freelancers also look out for the existing coworkers. They look out if everyone working from there will be complimentary to their own skills, style of working, hours of working and noise patterns or not. Certainly, a tech team would not want to share a space with a call centre, right?


Infrastructure and seating plans of the coworking space

Continuing the requirements stated above, several startups prefer a certain style of seating. These startups could look for a personal cabin or a quieter space in the coworking area. Some other startup might want to setup a sales team and want a space where nobody else gets disturbed by the constant calls. Thus, the seating plans and their flexibility also matters.


Additional Services, Events & Networking Opportunities at the Coworking Space

A lot of coworking spaces provide stellar networking opportunities and events to the startups. Many people would necessarily want to join a startup where they get networking opportunities with fellow startup guys and investors. Several coworking spaces hold regular events at their spaces. You can find the lists of events in December 2016 at Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai if you want to attend startup events.


Culture at the Coworking Space

This fact is undeniable that every coworking space has a unique culture. This culture has been built by the coworkers and the teams over the years. People often try to find a culture match amongst themselves and the coworking space’s. Everyone could like a different culture. Someone might like a quiet culture while someone else might go for a vibrant culture.


Coworking Spaces provide unparalleled productivity options to Startups, freelancers, students; just about anyone who wants to work on their own! We have also highlighted how startups are bringing women back to the workplace which you can read here.

Hope we helped you getting more insights into what people look for while searching a coworking space. Keep hustling!

Rutavi Bhatia

Author at Coworking India Magazine. I love writing about entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.