Why Restaurant Coworking is a Favorite Option of the New Age Entrepreneur?

Coworking spaces have now become very popular worldwide. They have emerged as a hot trend in the office real estate industry. Coworking supports various startups, freelancers and individuals who wish to work in an office environment along with many other startups hustling to achieve something awesome. A great space not only provides you with some great ideas, but you also connect with people of high ability who can help you in your journey. Nowadays, restaurant coworking is also emerging as a trend.  “Office by day, restaurant by night”; is the leading concept that is being brought up in the market and is accepted by the entrepreneurs on a large scale.

Social Offline , The Beer Cafe and many other Coworking Cafe spaces  have started gaining popularity and acceptance in the country. And why not should it be? For freelancers or people who like it that way, working out of a restaurant coworking instead of a proper office environment would be the best option ever! 

We spoke to some folks who work out of Restaurant Coworking spaces and found out the following reasons are responsible for the new age worker’s love for these spaces:

Enhances the Productivity

When a coffee shop or a restaurant is also doubled up as a coworking space, it gives a more positive and relaxed vibe to the coworking members, thus, enhancing their creative skills and increasing the work productivity. The open seating plan layout and the non stressful vibe make the coworking members feel comfortable and lively. Conducting meetings in such a chilled out environment also become easier and fun. The coworking members feel as if they are a part of something happening in the city! 

Psychological Perks

Restaurant coworking spaces offers mental as well as psychological perks. What would be better, leaving your home office or restaurant after work? Obviously the latter, right? Also, you have a choice to enjoy the happy hours at a restaurant or a café after a full day work. It will not make you feel like you have a boring life.

The attractive interior design keeps the mood happy and energetic. Members are motivated all day and thus the environment suits them.

Reasonable Price and Redeemable F&B

It is generally seen that the restaurant coworking spaces offer the memberships at a cheaper rate as compared to the ordinary co-working spaces. In addition to that, most cafe coworking spaces are offering the option of redeeming your membership amount on food and drinks. 

Cafes and restaurants usually remain empty during the day time. Thus, using the empty place as a co-working space during the day and as a restaurant during the night, helps the founder make optimum utilization of the place and earn better profits. He, in turn, charges a bit low price to the co-working members with no shortage in providing the needed facilities such as good internet connection, comfortable seating, tea/coffee etc.

Network, network and network!

Restaurant coworking spaces are first choice of many individual and startup companies these days. Thus, you get a chance to meet different people from different fields at one single place. The ecosystem of companies, industries and people is highly diversified here. This helps you to learn many new things and gives a boost to the work quality.

You never know you who may meet and collaborate with!

Thus, if you are the non-conventional work culture type, Cafe coworking spaces will be a boost to your productivity and overall mood! These will also be lighter on the pocket and give you on the house F&B!

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Gaurav Bisht

Blogger by profession and a writer by heart. I work from a coworking space and love writing about Coworking Industry in Coworking India Magazine