#CoworkingSpotlight : Witness Morocco from Office in Mumbai Coworking

Mumbai Coworking has launched a Moroccan lounge at the terrace of their coworking space. It is launched with an idea of helping the coworkers to stay stress-free and chilled-out while they work towards success. The lounge has an amazing feel to it, very cosy and lit. Its artifacts are gathered from Morocco and also, a few antique shops of India. Jodhpur’s tiles and seating are installed and the interiors give an impressive Moroccan feel. Other than this, a very significant attraction is the complimentary Sheesha for the coworkers and their clients.

Moroccan pleasure at Workspace!

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“The terrace of our co-working space was not in use due to rains. I am an avid traveller, so when I went to Chefchaouen in Morocco, I was struck by its beauty. It was there that I got the inspiration to convert the terrace into a Moroccan lounge. I personally designed this space”, said Waqar Azmi, Founder, Mumbai Coworking.

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In order to target the production houses located around the office, they are offering the premises to shoot web series, film promos, music videos etc. The charges are Rs. 1200/hr; whereas a ten-hour session is charged approximately at Rs. 10,000.

More about Mumbai Coworking

One of the leading coworking spaces in Mumbai, Mumbai Coworking provides a very suitable workspace to startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs or in that case, anyone looking for an affordable place to work at. ET Now recently featured Mumbai Coworking as a perfect coworking space. What make it so special are its flexible payment terms, ease of accessibility and vibrant atmosphere. Various facilities are offered by Mumbai Coworking such as clean workspace, meeting rooms, unlimited tea & coffee, a virtual office, high-speed internet etc.

Now, what makes Mumbai Coworking so unique? Rarely any coworking space offers “night coworking facilities”, which means that all the facilities of shared office space are provided to the people working from 9pm to 7:30am.

Mumbai Coworking also offers one-day desk for Rs.500, in order to let people try the workspace before renting it for a longer period. They have many types of desks and pricing plans. To know more about the plans and other information, visit the website or contact them at buzz@mumbaicoworking.com.