Women Coworking Spaces Across The Globe and Amazing Things that They Offer!

Women only coworking spaces have become a thing these days. The success of women coworking spaces in major cities of First world countries as well as Asian countries shows that the trend is here to stay. Now, this poses many questions. Are women only coworking spaces really required? With the visible demand and popularity stats, the answer seems to be YES! Most surveys in women only coworking spaces reveal that women feel more confident. Also, most women coworking spaces are providing perks like book discussions, high tea parties and even makeup on demand. Apart from that, availability of creches and nurseries is another factor which is bringing women to these spaces. Above everything else, being in the company of someone who knows what you’re going through matters the most. So, let’s have a look at the succesful Women Coworking Spaces all over the world:


The Wing – New York City

women coworking spaces in usa

The Wing is a Coworking Space & community situated in New York City. It is also a community group which holds different events and meetups for women. The Wing is not just about the corporate ladder or the professional grind. The regular meetups and happenings at The wing also include simple high teas and chat sessions. The Wing even has a beauty room and also has those Friday makeup touch up sessions.

Where: New York City

Sorority China 

women coworking spaces in the world

Coworking spaces are making a significant progress in China,  particularly in Shanghai. Located at 5/F, 129 Yan’an Xi Lu this is the first ever female only coworking space in China founded by Michelle Li, a Beijing native. It is a belief in China till today that once a woman turns 25 she has reached a marriageable age, these concepts and beliefs are reflected with lack of female managers and investors unwilling to invest in startups by female. Sorority China is striving to balance these scales. To support women in the endeavour to go out and achieve their dreams, Sorority came into place. It is not just a coworking space, but slso a coliving space for women.

Where: Xi Lu, Shanghai

Hera Hub – San Diego USA

This first international working space for women was founded in San Diego, California, USA in 2011 by Felena Hub. Named after “Hera” the Greek Goddess, queen of heaven and protector of women. With a mission to provide business women a professional workplace, productive space and a meeting place, where they can collaborate and connect with like minded community helping them flourish. This community also have non profit business called Hera labs and Hera Angels. They also have active coworking spaces in other locations namely Washington DC, Carlsbad (California) Mission Valley (San Diego,CA) and Sorrento Valley (San Diego, CA).
Where: San Diego, USA

ONE ROOF – Melbourne & Los Angeles

women coworking spaces in the world

This workspace is leading the way as one of Australia’s first female centric coworking space, When co-founders Sheree Rubinstein & Gianna Wurzl first hit it off with a common passion to support and empower women to flourish, a vision to build the largest global network of female entrepreneurs with a value of promoting women and gender equality they co founded ONE ROOF in early 2015 This space is not just a working space but a community and an ecosystem that supports and focus on women helping them in every step of their journey.
Where: Melbourne and Los Angeles

The Hivery – California

women coworking spaces usa

The Hivery is a collaborative workspace where women can be together to work on their passion, ideas and innovations. It is a close knit community that supports women in their challenges. The Inspiration Lab initiative of The Hivery lets women communicate and network with other women to find the motivation to work on that project they’ve been planning to work on. Sometimes, for women, little decisions like going back to work after having a baby become really hard to take. In such scenarios, women only coworking spaces act as catalysts to the decision making and the getting-back-to-work process.

Where: Mill Valley, California

Woolf Works – Singapore

women only coworking spaces

 When founder of Woolf Space Michaela Anchan first develop when she saw that most of the coworking space were targeted for tech oriented business, she had an idea to open a work space for female small business owners, home based mothers to work, bloggers, writers, creative freelancers to collaborate and work.  That is how the birth of the fist ever coworking space for women in Singapore was born.
Where: Singapore

One Girl Band – Brighton, UK

women coworking spaces uk

One Girl Band is one if the first women only coworking spaces in UK. The space is a subtle and classy one which exudes positivity and creativity. Their main goal is to support women to get back to work and fulfil their dreams. They understand that working from home could be boring and could have pressure of its own. They regularly hold motivational and expert sessions by women who have been there, done that!

Where: Brighton UK

With the success of so many women coworking spaces in the world, it poses a question: Does India need Women only coworking spaces? coworking spaces are bringing women back to the workplace We had also tried to speak to some women who work in Indian Coworking spaces and got to know how . However, we feel that things could go a notch up for women if there existed women only coworking spaces in India. Do share your views in the comments about the issue!