Workers Being Forced To Resign In Pune IT Firms; 73% Manufacturers Say No Hiring For 3 Months

Cumulation of different factors, merging together at the same time within the Indian corporate sector is resulting in job scarcity at a massive scale. Many factors like demonetisation, GST, US Outsourcing issues, H1B visa issues Automation contributed in forcing the corporates to take a seat back handing out pink slips faster than we anticipated. The main concern of issue here is that current employees are being mistreated, we observed in some occurrence.  Individuals are forced to resign, using methods which were previously unknown to the employees. Meanwhile, the manufacturing sector has given up; making an announcement that no fresh hiring would be possible in the next 3 months. Recently, news of workers being forced to resign in Pune have cropped up.

Could this be the darkest moment for Indian Employees?

Pune IT Firm Forcing Employees to Resign

According to reports, Several IT firms in Pune have resorted to unfair means in order to shed the load, and lessen their headcount this is severely affecting the moral of employees.

A 25 year old techie committed suicide in Pune, last week, he had written in his suicide note: “In IT there is no job security”. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Many more IT employees have come up reveling how HR and Management are using unconventional ways to terminate them. They are also accusing these companies of resorting to psychological pressure and other tactics to force them to resign, against their will.

A 50-year-old employee said, “I was told, ‘If you don’t resign, you will face consequences. Your career will be spoilt. We will blacklist you. We will terminate you.’ I was threatened. When I still put my foot down, they said, they will trigger my resignation from the backend.”

No Hiring for 3 Months Says The Manufacturing Sector

In the mean time, according to discoveries of a survey led by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), It was discovered that 73% of the manufactures will not employ for the following 3 months.

This is not shocking, as only 40% of the respondents said that they expect their production to increase in the same period.