WorkoLab’s Research Based Coworking Space Launched in India

Gurugram is where WorkoLab initiated its business. After having a workspace in Gurugram, WorkoLab expanded its operations to Pusa Road in New Delhi. There was a need of research based coworking space and this company is finally here to facilitate research among researchers and entrepreneurs. WorkoLab occupies an area of 12500sq.ft. and offers workspace and research guidance which help start-ups to innovate and grow.

Yashraj and Yuvraj Bhardwaj, the co-founders, realised that there’s a ‘lack of coworking spaces and research hubs altogether at the same place’ and successfully received investment worth Rs. 3crores from Allen Career Institute, Marwah Group, Mr. Jasmit Singh Marwah, and Mr. Aman Maheshwari.

The company has planned to expand to other major cities like Mumbai, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Pune etc. and when it’s done successfully expanding in India, it will take a flight to Singapore and Malaysia and ultimately launch 100+ coworking spaces across the globe.

workolab cofounders
“We are excited to build a thriving start-up community through the launch of WorkoLab. We are not just another coworking but are trying to trigger the spark of innovation into Startups. The space can be used for research, collaboration, networking and support, a space where we bring together a community of like-minded graduate students, entrepreneurs, Startups, software developers along with relevant mentors into the same eco-system.”, the co-founders commented on the launch.

“We see this partnership as a great opportunity for spotting innovation and accelerating it to market, for helping individual ideas to grow, and for shaping new threads of collaboration. WorkoLab is transforming under-utilised research & innovation that is lacking in India today and providing an affordable and exciting new age work environment for today’s entrepreneurs and young researchers.” , were the investors’ thoughts on partnership.

source : Bizztor