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Coworking culture in India started from big metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore & Delhi. From 2012 to today, there has been an impressive transformation in commercial real estate market. Some of the fastest growing coworking space chains are expanding there centers in Noida and Gurgaon. Noida is an emerging city with big business opportunities. With millions of people inventing or finding better work in the city, commercial infrastructure is one of the major problems to solve. Today’s office seekers are preferring shared or coworking spaces over traditional offices. The list of benefits involved while working in a shared office space is enormous. One such newly launched coworking space in Noida Sector 63 is Workwings.

Workwings provides infrastructure facilities to startups, freelancers and corporates at an affordable price. Most important, the coworking space is present at an accessible and prime location. Offering every basic amenity to its coworkers, Workwings Coworking believes in fostering innovation with collaboration. We’ll provide you every single detail about the offers and pricing of the space but first of all, lets check out its amenities –

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Facilities offered by Workwings

  1. Workwings coworking space offers quick desks, dedicated desks, private cabins and island desks for startups teams, individual freelancers and corporates.
  2. They provide high speed internet facility to its coworkers.
  3. Flexible plans like part-time plans, day and hourly plans and virtual office plans makes it easy & convenient to get started.
  4. The coworking space has a spacious cafeteria with unlimited refreshments for the coworkers.
  5. They also have a game zone to take a break from work.
  6. Fully furnished and equipped meeting and conference rooms can be booked for meetings, interviews and conferences.
  7. The weekender pass allows a coworker to get an unlimited access to all the services and amenities provided by Workwings during weekends.
  8. Facility of printers and scanners are also available in the space.
  9. The coworking space is 24×7 hours operational.
  10. Separate area for workshops, events, meet-ups and networking sessions can be booked at the below mentioned contact details.
  11. Access to regular events and workshops to the coworkers to foster collaboration.


Pricing plans

Workwings coworking space offers various flexible plans to entrepreneurs and corporates as per their requirements. This saves cost and resources which is beneficial for everyone. Lets check out their pricing plans –

  • Quick desks (full time non-dedicated coworking seat which includes all the amenities) – INR 5,999 per person per month.
  • Dedicated desks (full time dedicated open coworking seat) – INR 6,999 per person per month.
  • Island desks with extended facilities – INR 7,499 per person per month.
  • Private desks with extended facilities – INR 7,999 per person per month.
  • Part time plans with limited number of days – INR 3,999.
  • Virtual office facility with a landline number and an office address – INR 1,499 per month.
  • Weekender plan for weekend hustlers – INR 2,499 per month.
  • Daily pass facility to get a feel of the coworking before making a decision – INR 399 per day.
  • Hourly pricing for a desk with same facilities – INR 85 per hour.


Get in touch

  • Physical address of the coworking space is H-187, Sector 63, Noida – 201301
  • You can also email them at |
  • In case you would like to talk to someone at Workwings, you can call them at +91-85-274-77-277
  • Visit their website for more details here


Finally, Miscellaneous Information

The coworking space not only provides flexible plans for office seekers but also takes booking for events, workshops and meet-ups. In case you want to get in touch with them, use the above mentioned details. Workwings also provide basic yet important services like postal services, printing and scanning facilities etc. Most important, separate and dedicated brainstorming areas are provided for coworkers to focus and avoid distractions.

This is our article about Workwings coworking space in Noida Sector 63. You can also check out our exhaustive list of 100+ coworking spaces in India. Furthermore, Let us know your thoughts, questions and suggestions at

Rutavi Bhatia

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