Why people are leaning towards YouTube as a full time career

Youtube as a full time career has become mainstream these days. Gone are those times when people used to ask a 100 questions when someone described themselves as a “Youtuber”. So, what’s bringing this culture shift in the society? Why is Youtube being perceived as such an attractive career opportunity for the youth? Keep reading to know more.


About Youtube & How it Works

Youtube an American video- sharing website was created on 5th of February and  founded on 14th February in the year 2005, with its headquarter in San Bruno, California. It all started with the idea of being able to share a video. Youtube now allows the users to upload, share, view, comment on videos, subscribe to other youtube users, rate and add to favorites. Technologies like Adobe Flash Video, WebM and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC are used, to display a wide variety of corporate media and user-created-content videos. They have available contents which includes music videos, video blogging, documentary films, video clips, audio recording, educational videos, cooking videos, DIY (do it yourself) videos, movie trailers, talk shows, Sports, News to name a few. Most of the content that goes up on youtube are uploaded by individuals but there are media corporations like BBC, Vevo, Hulu, and CBS who offer their materials via Youtube as a part of Youtube partnership program.

Why Do Most People Spend Time On YouTube?

Most people spend time on YouTube because unlike cable television where you have to follow a set of schedule you have complete control over what you watch there is also an advantage of not having to compromise over a particular channel or fight over the television remote control. Other reason can also be because they can access it through their personal mobile phones anytime and everywhere. The site also has a wide range of videos like health related, sports, fashion, glamour, music, books, movies, DIY’s, Inspirational videos, tutorials, cook shows, news, celebrity news, art, business, experiments and many more. People have the benefit to choose what they please which comes with the bonus of privacy. Many find joy and peace as it helps them entertain themselves with something of their choice.
The word “Success” is a very personal thing and it can mean different things to different people.

Reasons Why people are leaning towards YouTube as a full time career

YouTube because it allows them to be their authentic self and voice their opinion on something they feel passionate about.

Every Youtube content creator has a different story or purpose for starting their own channel. Some start because they need a platform to step into something bigger, some because they simply want to do something that they are good at, others want to entertain people, help people, teach, people who feel like they don’t fit anywhere, while some just want to become rich and famous

It is budget friendly which requires just internet, phone, camera and an idea.

Unlike a regular job where you have restrictions, rules or codes it allows you room to make mistakes without being afraid.