Youtube Go Launched in India – Will Consume Lesser Data, Enables Offline Viewing

YouTube has finally launched Youtube Go in India. The app was launched early this year specifically for developing countries. It has finally made its debut in India. Youtube Go is  an app by Youtube which is lighter than its original app. It occupies less space in your smartphone and has quality adjustment available for the users. Keep reading to know the useful features of Youtube Go:


Transparent Data Adjustment & Streaming Options

The app has a great advantage of giving the choice about data consumption in the hands of the consumer. Just like other streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix, Youtube Go will tell the users how much data will be consumed. The user can then select whichever option they want to avail.

Offline Video Viewing and Video Sharing Options

You can download and save videos for offline viewing later. The best part is that you can also share the videos with friends without any extra data consumption. The sharing will happen offline through the youtube Go app. When you select “send” option on your Youtube Go app, it will setup a local hotspot on your phone and send without using any Wifi/data.


Preview Videos Before you Watch and Save

This app also gives you an option to preview videos before you watch the full one. You can then decide whether you want to watch the video or skip it.


Youtube Go App occupies very less space on your Smartphone

The problem with the original app is that it takes upwards of 50MB space depending upon smartphone and data. This app only occupies 8.5MB on your smartphone thus making it much easier to have.


Fully Customised Home Screen and Local Suggetions

The home screen on the Youtube Go App is even more customised as compared to the original Youtube app. This app has more local suggestions and shows videos trending around you.


Getting Started with the App

Since it is a new app altogether, it could have some bugs or might crash on your smartphone. However with updates, the app will become stable. You can download app Beta  here.