Zomato’s Team Shifts to This Coworking Space in Nagpur

After Snapdeal team shifted to a Coworking space in Mumbai, Paytm team in Bangalore and several other corporations & startups adapting coworking spaces, Zomato has moved its Nagpur team to a coworking space. According to a conversation with people at Team Zomato, finding a coworking space in Nagpur was not very difficult. As soon as the team decided to allocate a team in Nagpur, it was decided that it will be stationed at a coworking space instead of a leased office.

Chaos Theory Nagpur is the city’s only Coworking Space. The facility has been founded and run by a woman entrepreneur – Ms. Sukhada Chaudhary. Furthermore, the space exudes passion and enthusiasm for startups and entrepreneurship.

Q&A With Team Zomato About The Coworking Space in Nagpur

In order to get more information about the move, Naitik Shah from Chaos Theory interviewed Zomato Team. Check out the excerpts from the conversation between Siddhant Sardeshpande from Zomato and Team Chaos Theory.


Q. What brought your team to Chaos Theory, Nagpur?
A. Well, we were operating from Delhi until the end of last year. We noticed a lot of traffic originating from Nagpur, so we decided that we needed a local team out here, hence we moved in during the month of January. The concept of coworking is well known and appreciated in Delhi. Thus, we agreed it would be beneficial to operate from Chaos Theory, since it is a great coworking space in Nagpur.


Q. It’s been observed that Nagpur has seen a sudden boom in the restaurant industry since the previous year. What are your thoughts on that?
A. Definitely a lot of chains and franchises from different urban cities are moving in which is a great sign for the city. New local restaurants are gradually opening up throughout the city as well. There are many rooftop restaurants establishing themselves in numerous areas. Eateries are finally investing in the ambiance of the restaurant, which I guess is the first step in the evolution of the dining industry.


Q. So what is the Zomato Team Nagpur currently working on?
A. We recently kickstarted our online food delivery service. It’s been going strong for around 2 months now and we still haven’t invested in its marketing. We are currently looking over on how much we can convert organically, and have had a great turnout so far. For the first two weeks of May the numbers were low as the majority of college students headed home and they made up a sizable segment of our main traffic source. However, we’ve seen a surge in numbers this month from the Nagpur crowd so that’s great news.

Q. The working class can afford to pay for pricey meals, but what about the college students who are more dependent on food trucks (tapris)? Can we expect to see a rating system for food trucks or even order from them?
A. We are currently working on that as well. We have a long list of food trucks which is updated everyday and shall soon make its way to the app. Also, what’s lovely about a few of these new food trucks is how immensely well they maintain their hygiene standards.


This post first appeared on Chaos Theory’s Facebook page. It has been reproduced and published with prior permission. Check out the original post here.




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