Meet Start Hub Nation | A Passion Driven Coworking Space in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the city beautiful. Away from the crowd and bustle of Delhi and very near to the beautiful mountains of Himalayas. This city is one of the most planned cities of India. Entrepreneurship culture is also seeping into Chandigarh with many startups rising up in the tricity of Chandigarh – Mohali – Panchkula. Here we are going to review Start Hub Nation, a Coworking Space in Chandigarh made by passionate serial entrepreneurs.


Why Was Start Hub Nation Founded & Who are the Founders?

In August 2014, all the founders worked together in a small office and got evicted by the landlord suddenly without any particular premise. After facing this bitter experience, they thought about creating a place where community could be built to have several alike minds together. As they say, ‘Charity begins at home’, all the founders started coworking with each other. The word started spreading and soon they became very popular in the region.

The Co-founders of Start Hub Nation are Param Kalra , Jaswinder Singh , Ravish Jamwal and Simranjeet Singh. All of the co-founders are serial entrepreneurs with prior experience in IT & startups.

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The Start Hub Nation Culture

They have around 40 startups working from here and they are based on variety of services and products. From IT consultancy to Edtech Sartups to gaming startups, we have all of them. Start Hub Nation even has a star coworker, who is a renowned song writer and movie producer.

What’s Unique about Start Hub Nation?

Start Hub Nation is a custom coworking space and understands the custom needs of every startup that they have. It focuses on catering all startup services from office space to startup events, investors, mentorship etc. Due to this, they have served more than 80 startups till date. As per Parampreet Kalra, co-founder at Start Hub Nation, making this coworking successful in a niche market was tough but word of mouth and excellent services provided to startups hosted here made them hugely popular. Today the 4000 Sq. Ft. of space is house-full.


Events at Start Hub Nation

Start Hub Nation organises events almost every week. They have also tied-up with Unitus Seed Fund and they’ve done an investor pitch event here as well. Apart from this, a lot of mentorship, meditation, motivational, digital marketing, financial management sessions are regularly held at the coworking space.


Prices, Location & Contact Details

The prices of Start Hub Nation are very affordable. Here are their monthly plans:

Loner -4,299 INR
2 Seats -8,099 INR
3 Seats -11,999 INR
4 Seats -15,099 INR
6 Seats -20,499 INR
8 Seats -25,999 INR

MY HUB – 34,999 INR (Team of 8)

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Location: F-452 Phase-8B Ind. Area. Mohali, Punjab, India

Contact Details: +91 988 836 6200
+91 977 944 1747

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